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Ultimate GI Repair

Ultimate GI Repair

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The most powerful gastrointestinal tract healing product on the market featuring peptides BPC-157 (as Arginine salt), Larazotide Acetate AT1001, KPV Tripeptide, and gut healing naturals, Zinc Carnosine, Quercetin (as EMIQ for increased absorption), Tributyrin, Copper (to balance out the high dose of zinc), and Sodium Bicarbonate (stomach acidity buffer to increase peptide absorption).

There is no denying that Ultimate GI Repair is on the pricier end.

This is due to the compounds used within Ultimate GI Repair and their difficulty of sourcing and manufacturing.

We do hope however to reduce the price as the compounds become more readily available in the future.That being said even though the price is much higher than many other gut healing supplements it is not something people need to take long term.In fact most people need it for only 1 – 2 months at most to see noticeable results.Which makes it a lot more cost effective in the long run instead of taking a supplements for 12 months or even years.

Ultimate GI has been created to help speed up the process of healing.

It is not something that was intended or needs to be taken long term.

We recommend customers cycle the product by taking it for 1 month and if they still haven’t seen noticeable improvements an additional month and then breaking from it before cycling it again as needed.

Take one capsule twice daily with food or as directed by health professional.

Do NOT take on an empty stomach. High dose zinc may cause stomach upset, nasaea or vomiting when taken away from food.

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