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Rejuvenate - Healthgevity

Rejuvenate - Healthgevity

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Cellular senescence is a hallmark of aging, it is a permanent state of cell cycle arrest induced by cellular stresses. This has numerous implications for the body, including its ability to adapt to changes in its environment, as well as its capacity to regenerate itself. This can be beneficial for individuals to understand how cellular senescence works and what the potential benefits are for the body.  Firstly, understanding cellular senescence can help us better understand aging, as this process is a major contributor to the aging process.  Additionally, it can also provide insight into certain diseases and conditions that may be linked to the inability of cells to divide and proliferate properly.  Finally, by targeting cellular senescence, we may be able to find new ways of fighting against aging and diseases associated with it.  Thus, understanding ways to best support cellular senescence can be a powerful tool in our pursuit of longevity and improved health span.  Senolytics, are small molecules that can selectively kill senescence cells and have been developed to support various age-related diseases while also extending healthspan. In recent years, emerging natural compounds have been discovered to be effective senolytic agents that are featured in this breakthrough formula. Clearance of senescent cells can support the reduction of inflammation, decrease macromolecular dysregulation, and enhance function of stem and progenitor cells.

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