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Longevity - Healthgevity

Longevity - Healthgevity

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Biological aging is directly impacted by physiological integrity. Muscle strength, mass, function, quantity, and quality loss are some of the main issues associated with the process of aging. As we age the performance of our muscle cells decline which leads to a weakened immune system, sarcopenia, obesity, and chronic disease among much more. Healthgevity has selected PeptiStrong™, Senactiv® and AstraGin® which are all clinically proven ingredients to put your muscles in the best position to thrive regardless of your age.

In a recent study it was concluded that lower muscle strength in late adolescence showed direct connection with higher risk of chronic disease. As such, skeletal muscle might be the central integrator between sarcopenia, obesity, immune senescence and more in an aging biological system. Preserving muscle mass is critical for optimizing health span.  Research shows the strongest one-third of the population over the age of 60 has a 50% lower death rate than the weakest, making muscle a key predictor of longevity.  Recent discoveries of clinically proven ‘growth promoting’ ingredients have made the process of building and preserving muscle more obtainable. 

PeptiStrong, Senactiv® and AstraGin® work synergistically to target multiple mechanisms, to provide a wide range of benefits in muscle health. 

PeptiStrong™ (Peptides from hydrolyzed fava bean protein)

 Through cutting edge Al-precision technology, Nuritas is creating a brand-new category of precision peptide ingredients from nature. Their cell-signaling power helps the body function at its best. Longevity is the first product resulting from Healthgevity's collaboration with Nuritas and contains PeptiStrong: precision peptides that have been clinically proven to support muscle health. PeptiStrong can increase muscle synthesis by supporting mTOR, reduce muscle loss by downregulating muscle atrophy related genes and improve muscle health by reducing inflammation properties.

Backed by two peer-reviewed clinical studies, this plant-based intelligent ingredient has outperformed animal protein. It has a multi-dimensional effect on muscle health: promoting muscle strength, improving recovery after intense exercise, boosting energy, and supporting the synthesis of protein that assists in maintaining and building muscle. A 'peptide-specific’ effect to address the muscle homeostasis between muscle protein synthesis, muscle atrophy and inflammation, offers an alternative to a purely uncharacterized nutritional intervention.  In the most recent double blind placebo clinical study,  PeptiStrong™  alone provided:  

Featured PeptiStrong research benefits: 

  • Regenerates muscles by increasing the expression of new muscle fibers.
    • Type I “Slow Twitch” Muscle Fibers are responsible for endurance and strength endurance. They contain a higher number of mitochondria and utilize fat for energy.
    • Type II “Fast Twitch” Muscle fibers are responsible for strength and force production. Loss of Type II fibers is most associated with aging.
  • Reduces muscle loss and fat accumulation
  • Reduces Tumor Necrosis Factor-alpha (TNF-α)
  • Improves cellular metabolism through the activation of AMPK which in turn increases the levels of NAD+ and sirtuins
  • Maintains autophagy in skeletal muscle similar to fasting
  • Induces mitochondrial biogenesis in the muscle cell
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